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Van Werven from Oldebroek has purchased several tools from Rigter Handelsonderneming.
For example, a complete Steelwrist SQ 70/55 quick-change system has been built on the Volvo 180.
With the Steelwrist quick-change system, you can change quickly between the buckets and the demolition tools without having to get out the excavator.

Van Tunen from Beverwijk has rented a complete set from Rigter Handelsonderneming for the offshore activities.
It concerns a diesel-hydraulic power pack with a 300 liter yield, a hose reel that can be controlled manually as well as by remote control and a Kinshofer orange peel grab with suspension bracket and hose protection.
As a result, a complete package is delivered for the offshore, operation is guaranteed and there is one contact person for service and wishes.

Zonneveld and Verhoef from Eemnes has once again carried out an earthmoving job with a tower crane and a hydraulic power pack with a hanging grab.
This time it became a Kinshofer HPX grab of 2600 liters from Rigter Handelsonderneming with an electrohydraulic powerpack from Damsteegt.
A nice electrical safe solution for the tight construction site.

Heezen bv from Eindhoven has bought a WS 15 drumcutter from Kinshofer after a few extensive tests.

The Kinshofer WS15 drumcutter is for machines from 3 to 7 tons.

There are multiple cutting wheels for this Kinshofer WS 15 cutter, but the smallest, most aggressive teeth have been chosen for the concrete floor and tiles. These teeth work best compared to chisels with a flat chisel at the AMC in Amsterdam.

Every year, Kinshofer's delivery program widens. 
In recent years, Drum Cutters, saw wheels, augers, chain cutters, brooms with a collection box have been added and now also a complete line of Hydraulic Breakers.

If Kinshofer does something, she'll do it right the first time. They have taken over an Italian manufacturer that produces hammers from 70 to 15000 kilos.
With this we can say that we produce the heaviest hammers in the world.