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In collaboration with Aleron Subsea Ltd in England, Rigter Handelsonderneming has equipped a Kinshofer orange peel grab of the type P51vhd-1000-5-H with a very special ROV upper part.
The orange peel grab can swim in the ocean itself and look for objects. There are sonar, lights and very good cameras on the top so that they can see exactly what is happening underwater in the command center.
Partly due to the current, waves and uneven bottom and objects on the bottom, this is not an easy task. The salt water also does not affect the lifespan.
We are all curious what we will find….

At Rigter Handelsonderneming they are proud that they are being invited to more and more special places to contribute ideas and that they usually come to a positive solution.

No mountain or building too high, no ocean too deep: Rigter Handelsonderneming

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