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For their loyal customer Vakslopers B.V., Rigter Handelsonderneming was allowed to perform a nice job again.
They were commissioned by Infra Limburg B.V. from Limburg to demolish a church in Tegelen. 

Unfortunately, the Caterpillar UHD 349 just couldn't reach it, so Rigter Handelsonderneming was called in to cut off the top 12 meters. This was performed with a power pack and a shear hanging in a Mammoet telecrane.

Guided from an aerial platform, the job was quickly done.

In a day and a half the 12 meters was off, safe and structured, as the church tower was close to the road and other buildings.


Do you also have demolition work at height? Rigter Handelsonderneming is happy to help you with a suitable solution.

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