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At Rigter Handelsonderneming from Eemnes there is always stock with rail equipment from RF-System.
They had actually hoped for snow, but unfortunately it hasn't fallen yet.
So the snow brush will be there until November.

For Hooijer from Renkum, Rigter Handelsonderneming together with Arie Atlas delivered a nice set for the new Doosan 255 with OQ open s 7055.
Rigter Handelsonderneming was allowed to supply the Demarec pulverizer type DSP 30 extreme, Kinshofer hammer type FX32, Zijtveld sorting grab S1202-D and the Eurosteel bucket set.

All this with Oilquick 7055.

Rigter Handelsonderneming is also gaining a foothold in Germany.
For a customer in the Ruhr area they delivered a nice Kinshofer C30V-1800 Re-Handling Clamshell grab,
With a capacity of 2000 liters with extensions, the Fuchs 350 can carry out the loosening work easily and safely.

Gebroeders Baars from Nieuwland had to shorten a few hundred sheet piles and wondered how this could be done safely and quickly.
Rigter Handelsonderneming helped them with the Hemos saw and a suitable saw blade, after which they were able to real quickly.

Delete Sloopwerken has rented a powerpack from Rigter Handelsonderneming with a Kinshofer D09HPX sorting grab complete with lifting beam / chains and certification.
A roof could be removed safely and easily with a Spierings wire crane.

More and more people see the deployability/safety and combinability for the powerpacks and smart tools of Rigter Handelsonderneming.