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Van de Beeten from Brabant is busy shoveling at the water board with 2 Kinshofer C30V-1500 Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets from Rigter Handelsonderneming.

The Kinshofer C30V grabs are nice and light and nice and fast and because of the modular construction they can easily be extended with tubes or to mount scrapers for clay.

Henk van Oostrum of Aannemersbedrijf H. Van Oostrum and Willem Dorrestein of WD Techniek, both from Eemnes, cut a launch installation into scrap using a rented Kinshofer KSC11 scrap shear.

The steel rocket launching installation had been at a customer in Amsterdam for some time and since it must be completely destroyed, Henk van Oostrum and Willem Dorrestein were asked to cut it into scrap.

First of all, best wishes to everyone and a healthy and pleasant 2022.
However, I would like to solve a problem with you.
Many companies require personnel: mechanics, crane operators, drivers and so on.
And many of these companies probably also have a sign that says no to children allowed.
But therein lies the solution.....

In collaboration with Aleron Subsea Ltd in England, Rigter Handelsonderneming has equipped a Kinshofer orange peel grab of the type P51vhd-1000-5-H with a very special ROV upper part.
The orange peel grab can swim in the ocean itself and look for objects. There are sonar, lights and very good cameras on the top so that they can see exactly what is happening underwater in the command center.
Partly due to the current, waves and uneven bottom and objects on the bottom, this is not an easy task. The salt water also does not affect the lifespan.
We are all curious what we will find….

Franssen Recycling in Gronsveld received the last delivery of 2021 from Rigter Handelsonderneming.
This is a nice Kinshofer KSC 11 scrap shear with interchangeable blades and speed valve.
Franssen  Recycling bought the first orange peel grabs from Gerard Rigter in 2004 when the company was still located on the Vinkenslag.
Since then, many orange peel grabs have gone, always with full satisfaction.