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Rigter Handelsonderneming rented out a Kinshofer KSC22 scrap shear through their dealer Topptools from Lisserbroek.
A Licufix 48 head plate is screwed on here.
This system is attached to the Liebherr 954 and allows the customer to switch fully automatically.
The Kinshofer KSC 22 scrap shear is immediately used optimally for the demolition of a factory.

L'Ortye from Limburg has purchased several pieces of equipment from Rigter Handelsonderneming for the 2021/2022 beet campaign.The sugar beets from Limburg that used to be transported by road with trucks, now go by ship to the factory in Dinteloord.

The beets are loaded with a new Sennebogen 835e hybrid and a Kinshofer 8000 liter grab. This Kinshofer beet grab has a robust construction for 24/7 use.

In recent years, Rigter Handelsonderneming and SMT Belgium have already been able to supply several Kinshofer orange peel grabs to Piessens.
Because Thomas Piessens is very satisfied with the quality and longevity of the Kinshofer orange peel grabs, the other brands are slowly but surely being exchanged and it is becoming more and more Kinshofer gray in Tisselt…

Rigter Handelsonderneming is also trying to give full throttle with the contractors on the railways.
Are you looking for a robust ballast tamper for your crane, with Atlas, CW, Oilquick, Steelwrist, open-s or any other coupling?
Especially with the new reinforced legs of the RF RST03 heavy-duty stop units, it is the ideal tool with the right weight and vibration power.

Do you need a solution to crack the round and/or square piles for a special project under water, where there is a soft bottom, where a normal crane is difficult to get in and out of the well?
Rent or buy a powerpack with a pile breaker underneath and together with a crane, telecrane or spierings crane you can safely stand on the edge of the pit and carry out the pile cracking work.

Rigter Handelsonderneming has chain pile breakers or normal pile breakers in various sizes for rent and for sale.