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Yamamoto Rock Splitter HRB-1000 & HRB-1700



Yamamoto HRB-1000 & HRB-1700


Model HRB-1000 HRB-1700
Weight 650 kg 1,500 kg
Drill hole diameter Ø102 mm Ø127 mm
Drill hole depth 1,600 mm 2,500 mm
Splitting force 22MN (2,250 ton) 34MN (3,550 ton)
Splitting distance 25 mm 30 mm
Wedge diameter Ø95 mm to 110 mm Ø120 mm to 160 mm
Wedge length (A) 1,150 mm 1,850 mm
Splitter length (B) 3,000 mm 4,300 mm
Cylinder length (C) 1,850 mm 2,450 mm
Hydraulic pressure (min/max) 350/500 bar 350/500 bar
Excavator Weight (Tons) 12+ 22+
Standard split hole spacing 500 x 500 mm 700 x 700 mm