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Kinshofer C40HPX Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets

kinshofer c40hpx
kinshofer c40hpxkinshofer hpx

Kinshofer C40HPX Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets 1250L

€ 18,000 complete

Ref: HO200165

Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets with HPXdrive

The robust re-handling clamshell buckets C40HPX are equipped with the newly developed drive unit, based on the revolutionary and already proven HPXdrive. The revolutionary concept for hydraulically operated grabs! The rotation of the arms of the grab is generated by two hydraulically driven pistons, which run opposed and have four helix threads.

No hydraulic cylinder required! No short hose connections required!

The drive unit runs in a permanent oil bath which ensures a 50% longer life cycle and a low maintenance. The HPXdrive is resistant against dirt and blows due to the compact design.
Optimal loading due to high volume of the torsion-resistant shells and precise positioning thanks to integrated rotation.
Constant closing forces during the entire gripping process.

The grab has an integrated rotation with swivel and bevel sealed. Rotary feedthrough and motor are accessible directly. The integrated non-return valve guarantees secure retention of loads.
An easy shell exchange for maximum flexibility and efficiency is possible thanks to the integrated HPXdrive shell exchange system, so you can easily change between shells with different volumes.

The C40HPX is ideal for excavators with 18t / 39600 lbs to 25t / 55000 lbs or re-handling excavators with 20t / 44000 lbs to 40t / 88000 lbs operating weight.

Type: C40HPX
Width A (mm): 825
Opening C (mm): 1250
Height max. (mm): 1825
Height C (Liter): 59
Volume min. (kg): 2820
Weight capacity (kg): 2020
Load force (kN): 2280
Closing weight (t): 950


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Kinshofer overslaggrijper
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Kinshofer Bennes de Transbordement
Kinshofer HPX
Kinshofer C40HPX
Kinshofer HPX
Kinshofer HPX overslaggrijper
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Kinshofer HPX umschlaggreifer
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Kinshofer C40HPX overslaggrijper
Kinshofer C40HPX clamshellbucket
Kinshofer C40HPX umschlaggreifer
Kinshofer C40HPX Bennes de Transbordement