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In the time of switching to new coupling systems in Europe, it is currently a whole tour as a supplier to arrange everything for the customers.
Oilquick, Steelwrist, open-s, Verachtert-CW, Riedlberger, Lehnhoff, Kinshofer, Elzinga, J&B, TGS and various other coupling systems make it top-sport to understand everything, and certainly to have everything in stock, or to have it quickly at the customer.

Rigter Handelsonderneming from Eemnes has quite a bit in stock of open-s adapters and CW-Verachtert systems and behind the workshop there are shelves with all kinds of systems that are used but good.
From CW 70 to CW 55, from CW 55 to CW 40 from and CW 55 to CW 45, most of it is there and otherwise it is welded together from 2 used items.

For Riwald recycling in Almelo, Rigter Handelsonderneming has done maintenance on the shear between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
The machine did not need to be used for a while, so that was good time to give the shear a thorough service.
The cylinder pin and its suspension were also worn and the bush in the sting / jaw.
This is welded again and turned out with a boring machine.
The shear was a Genesis GXP 555 weighing approximately 5500 kilos.

The sugar beet campaign in the Netherlands runs from September to approximately mid-January, during which many hours are worked. 24 hours a day, approximately 6.5 days, depending on the area.

During the first few months this goes fine, but towards the end of the campaign after 2000 hours of operation, there may be some malfunctions in the crane, beet grab, trucks or the factory itself.
Usually this is quickly resolved by specialized companies.
Ho Snippe Erica and Rigter Handelsonderneming do this for the beet grabs, together with a few other companies.

In the summer of 2020, Rigter Handelsonderneming was allowed to develop a slingshot adapter for van Tunen Beverwijk.
This slingshot adapter is used to position large terapod concrete blocks of 45 tons. 
This piece of equipment hangs from a Hitachi 1900 that has been build up by van Tunen itself. 
Widenable and extended tracks for minimal friction on the ground and maximum stability for safe laying of the terapod blocks.

Rigter Handelsonderneming has been able to supply a compactor to WD Techniek from Eembrugge.

It concerns the Kinshofer KHC16 with a striking force of 7 tons. High quality motors and materials guarantee a smooth operation with each model of this range. Easy maintenance and service works are additional features of this attachment.
The compactors provide for an efficient and high compacting performance thanks to their large compactor plates and high impulse energy.
As an option, the compactor can be equipped with a 2 x 100° rotation.