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Rigter handelsonderneming has delivered a rebuild Demarec MQP 30 iron shear at van de Mheen rail. It is a used Demarec MQP-30 combi-jaw with iron-jaw.
Van de Mheen uses the iron shear to cut the uprights and overhead beams of the electricity network. On many routes, these networks need to be replaced
and this shear is the right tool for his work.
In addition, Rigter Handelsonderneming is working on making a railwayshear for the Demarec MQP30 Multi-Quick Processors. Due to the crowds,
this will be in spring 2019 and after which extensive testing must first take place.

The shear have been completely checked and the cylinder has been repacked, the shear is also welded and provided with new wearing parts.
A special head plate has been made to allow the CW30 to fit with a squeeze sleeve and yet to be very short in terms of construction.
After this work, the shear have been updated, blasted and sprayed so that it resembles a new Demarec combi cutter.

Rigter Handelsonderneming have been supplying new Demarec products for years, but you can also come Rigter Handelsonderneming for a rebuild or a used one from the rental fleet.

We hope that van de Mheen rail will enjoy using the scissors.