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Rigter Handelsonderneming company from Eemnes has done several tests with hydraulic sawing machines,
these sawing machines can saw or sharpen most types of material.
In the past and present, this was mainly manual work, which is labor-intensive and occasionally also
involves risks. In addition, it is difficult to find staff for this type of work.
Now that the tests with the sawing machines have been very successful, more and more information
is available which saw blades or grinding discs are suitable for which material.
The speed and any amount of saw blade cooling is also very important.

The tests were done at Hoeben from Kampen and at van Helmond from Culemborg.
We have tested with the brands Hemos and Echnida and  several types of material and applications such as:
windmill blades, blocks of aluminum, copper, condensers of different materials, cables of different types, sheet steel and much more.
For compact large blocks of aluminum and copper Rigter Handelsonderneming is still developing a band saw machine, more about this later.

Not only does the work go faster in many cases, safety is increased and production can continue whether the weather is good or bad.

For the customers, it means that the stock of hard-to-process material is processed and that the invested capital comes back into circulation.