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European Metal Recycling Rotterdam rents a rail cutter at Rigter Handelsonderneming for a longer period of time.
In Rotterdam, many small parties are currently arriving with rails, in many different sizes with the bottom plates still attached.

These are difficult or impossible to process by stationary scissors or by Jawiflo.
For this reason, Edwin Heiden rents this Demarec RC30 railway shears and a hydraulic crane.
With the rail shear  all common rails can be cut with or without dirt and bottom plates still attached.

Rigter trading company has several ordinary shears for rent and recently also rail cutters.
The reason for choosing the Demarec RC 30 rail cutter is because it excels in speed and lifespan.
With proper maintenance and changing the blades on time, a railway shear can be used for a long time.

EMR Rotterdam and EMR Amsterdam have already bought several orange peel grabs from Rigter Handelsonderneming
and often find their way for service and rent.

We are very proud of this, we always try to unburden customers and help with suitable solutions.