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Riwald Recycling in Almelo has invested in a Kinshofer sorting grab and a Darda iron / cable cutter.
Now more and more cable is being processed in their own country and this work is relatively heavy,
Gert and Ewald were looking for a solution.
They found it in a nice mini digger from Hyundai and the tools that go with it.
The Kinshofer sorting grab is a maintenance-free HPX grab with hardoxx scales.

Due to the HPX drive, there is a high closing force and lubrication belongs to the past.
The iron / cable cutter comes from Darda and is suitable for all types of cable, but may also
be used for light profiles and the dismantling of transformers.
This application comes in handy again at the large demolition of the coal-fired power station in Nijmegen,
where many cable and copper are released from the power plant.

Rigter Handelsonderneming is very proud that we have deliverd almost all tools from shears to orange peel grabs at Riwald