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Zonneveld Eemnes has exchanged their old Kinshofer D05HPX grab for a new Kinshofer D09HPX after sixteen years of satisfied use. Zonneveld was one of the first customers who bought a grab at Rigter Handelsonderneming.

The old one was not worn out yet, but the shells were getting a bit thin, and paying taxes is also said, director Jan Zonneveld. Mathijs Hoofd arranged the handling who is CTO at Zonneveld. While Stef Looman is the happy driver on the mobile Takeuchi crane with beautiful Kinshofer grab.

The orange HPX house stands out nicely, and that also contributes to safe working. Moreover, thanks to the maintenance-free drive system, Zonneveld can continue for many years. Finally, thanks to the exchangeable scales, the Kinshofer D09 can easily be converted to a bomb crane or a ground grab. We wish Zonneveld many enjoyable and safe working hours with the grab.

For a project in Germany, Mechielsen Oldenhove was looking for a light grab for the long reach machine. Deep digging had to take place between the sheet piling.

The Kinshofer HPX grab with a four-metre extension pipe now weighs approximately 1000 kilos. That is very little for a 700-litre grab in this class.

Thanks to the Kinshofer HPX, it's possible. Whether it's very high or very deep, we find a solution together with the customer.

Now that Kinshofer has taken over several manufacturers in Italy, its product range is even more extensive. Especially for the smaller cranes from 4 to 30 tonnes, the range of recycling and demolition tools is very extensive.

The first tools have been delivered; this was an excellent iron scissor of about 500kg with a CW10 head plate. This tool was provided to the customer by our loyal dealer Verkooyen Machines. The iron shear, type KCS06, has a robust swivel head section and a long stroke cylinder for optimum closing force. The blades can be rotated all around and are interchangeable for maximum use and minimum consumption costs.

Rigter Handelsonderneming has a new service bus.

With this bus, we can go on for years to guarantee our customers fast deliveries and do repairs on location.

Marek took care of the advertising, and Klaas Hobo from Brakel took care of the Mercedes bus. Both thanks for the great result.

Van het Hek from Middenbeemster has bought a beautiful Kinshofer FK13 combi shear at Rigter Handelsonderneming. With these shears, they can cut small concrete walls or grout piles, or if there are still small steel constructions, they can also cut or remove them.

The FK13 combination shears have a robust swivel head and a nicely concealed cylinder. The combination shears have a lot of power due to the long-stroke cylinder and transfer it beautifully to the frame. This extends the service life and minimises maintenance costs.

The FK13 is now working on a project in Schipluiden on a pontoon with a Kobeco crane. Here, the concrete sheet piles are being replaced by steel sheet piles. With the purchase of various Italian manufacturers, Kinshofer is expanding into the demolition and recycling segment.