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For a project in Amsterdam, Lek-Sloopwerken had to demolish a scaffolding. There we rented a Kinshofer polyp with jib and an Open-s 90 head plate. It is a Kinshofer P30VHD 600 litre polyp with a lot of clamping force and a loose jib of four meters.

The head plate with the open-s system type 90 is, in this case, from Steelwrist but also Oilquick, Rototilt or SMP endplates would have fitted. We are moving towards universal hole pattern heads in our entire hire fleet to which all end plates can be fitted. This way, the investment in tools is still somewhat manageable with the various systems. From Open-s, Cw, Lehnhof, Atlas or Licufix, we are happy to help.


On a project at IJburg Amsterdam, about 110,000 cubic meters of sand is unloaded every week. Usually, two Caterpillar 390's are used with J&B grabs.

Now Rigter/Kinshofer was given a chance with an entirely new type of grab. The new double HPX 8,000 litre. Per grab, 55,000 cubic metres of sand are unloaded, which means approximately 93,500 tonnes per week.

The double HPX excels in weight and speed, but it is still a prototype, which is why filters have also been built-in so that if there are any problems, no metal or sealing parts can get into the crane or vice versa.


Rigter delivered a Liebherr LH20 with a boom build plus one used shear and a new Kinshofer P22 polyp to Van Mechelen Recycling.

We were also given a chance to repaint a used Liebherr 900 and build a boom with a used iron shear.

They are now both as good as new and are cutting cables in Geldrop at this moment. This shows the excellent combination of Liebherr and Rigter again.

FL Liebregts/Reyrink currently rents a Kinshofer HPX transfer grab. It is used to construct a new railway viaduct in Hilversum, about 10 kilometres from Eemnes.

Here the sand is being diverted from a pit towards the new viaduct. This sand is scooped from a container with the Kinshofer HPX grab. Here the HPX is in its element, water/dirt/sand and time pressure.

Not having to lubricate the bowl drive results in low rental costs and maximum production without worries. So, in the end, satisfied customers - and that is what it is all about.

Monseré demolition works have bought a Kinshofer D27HPX demolition grapple at Rigter Handelsonderneming.

It was delivered with an OQ80 head plate and on location with instruction.

The Kinshofer HPX gripper excels in clamping force and holding, and there are only grease nipples on the double-row slewing ring.